Voter Lookup


It’s election time again. For those that live in Albuquerque, Early Voting ends on Nov 1st and the General Election is Nov 4th. I am not going to endorse any candidates here just offer you a few resources so that you can educate yourself on the candidates about the issues that are the most important for you. For me that is representatives that support biking and walking infrastructure and access to healthy whole foods. I believe voting is very important, as well as talking to your representatives.

For more information on New Mexico candidates click here, or check out the League of Women Voters Guide for your state by searching League of Women Voters + the name of the state where you are a registered voter. These web guides will have all the same information found in the print edition.

For information on how your House and Senate Representative voted on food policy go here. I like this document be it lists all the food related legislation that was introduced this year, good and bad, who introduced it and how each representative score as a whole for the year.


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