Food Truck Friday: Downtown Growers Market

Image Fresh Eggs from Veronica's Farm

Fresh Eggs from Veronica’s Farm

What better way to get wholesome, healthy food than your local farmers market?  For M and me, that market is the Downtown Growers Market at Robinson Park. The Downtown Growers Market is one of the bigger farmers markets in Albuquerque, and it keeps getting bigger every year. Click here to learn more about some of the local growers.

Farmers markets are great places to get fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, local honey, eggs and a lot more. We do not get all of our produce from the farmers market. One, they don’t always have everything we are looking for. Two some of the produce is a little out of our price range. What we do is spend between 10-20% of our weekly grocery budget on our local farmers at the market. This way we can get truly fresh produce without breaking the bank.

The best deal at the market is the fresh eggs. Each week there are anywhere from 3-6 farms selling eggs, many from grass-fed pasture raised chickens. Depending on the farmer, the price ranges from 4-6 dollars a dozen. That might seem pricey, but when compared to the 7-8 dollars a dozen that Whole Foods charges it is a good deal. Still think it is pricey…you pay about a dollar an egg when you order eggs at a restaurant.

The Downtown Growers Market runs every Saturday from now until late fall from 7 am until Noon.

There are many markets available in the Albuquerque area so please check out one close to you.


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