ABQ CiQlovia: A Sunday of Fun in the Streets!

Bogota Spain Ciclovia

CiQlovia (pronunciation: \sEk-lo-via\ ) is the Albuquerque version of the global phenomenon known as ciclovia or open streets.  Ciclovia literally means “bike path” in Spanish.  The word also refers to events where city streets are closed to cars and opened up to people on foot and on bike, outdoor exercise classes and other activities.  These events can be weekly, monthly or annual.  The first known ciclovia was held in Bogota, Columbia in 1976.  Since then, the event has gained popularity and now, every Sunday in Bogota, 70 miles of streets are closed to automobile traffic (Source:http://www.streetfilms.org/ciclovia/). –Dan Majewski from Urban ABQ

I  really hope this event happens! Cities similar in land and population sizes, such as Tucson Arizona, have had one of these events for the last four years. I will kep you all posted as more information become available about ABQ CiQlovia.

To learn more about this awesome upcoming fall event check out Dan’s post:  ABQ CiQlovia: A Sunday of Fun in the Streets!

until tomorrow



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