ABQ by Cycle: National Bike Month

may is bike month 2

It is official, it is May 1st and National Bike Month has begun. Want to celebrate National Bike Month, then join the National Bike Challenge.

To kick off Bike Month on Fuel, here is a fact from the Alliance for Biking and Walking 2014 Benchmark report. You can download the entire report here.


Seeing small but steady increases in the number of people biking and walking to work.

“The average large American city experienced a 5.9% increase in population from 2000 to 2010 without comparable increases in land mass, and budgets are tight across the board. Both of these factors point to a need to find cost-effective modes of transportation that move people without taking up more space.

Enter bicycling and walking. Walkers and bikers take up very small amounts of road and parking space, and the associated infrastructure is cheap: Portland built an entire network of bike lanes for roughly the same amount of money that it would have taken to build a single mile of urban highway.

It’s tough to measure just how many people walk and bike in the U.S. — the best numbers we have come from the American Communities Survey, which only asks about trips to work — but we’re still seeing slow, steady increases in walking and biking.”

Outcomes Benchmarks showing increase in biking and walking commuters from 2005 to 2012

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