Food Swamps + Black Markets

I feel lucky that M and I can choose to eat Paleo. I feel lucky that we can afford healthy, whole foods that do not come in packages. I feel lucky that we live a mere 3 miles to the nearest grocery store selling said healthy food. I feel even luckier that we are able to ride our bikes or take a bus to our grocery store of choice. This was not always the case for me.

Before M and I married, there was a brief time when I could barely make ends meet and benefited from the nutritional assistance program. Without it I would have not had enough food for a week let alone and entire month. I only bought the cheapest food that I could find from Wal-Mart. I could not afford to shop anywhere else and I never had enough money from the assistance program to buy food for the entire month. I usually went without food the last few days of the month. I didn’t like having to depend on the government for my food, but I was grateful that I received the assistance

M recently posted on Food Swamps and it made me think about these days. I am very grateful that I received this assistance. It was a very rough 6 months of my life and when I reflect back on it I am very grateful of the life M and I have together, and I appreciate what people have to do just to survive.


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