Food Truck Friday: Paleo Cheats

Image of Jackson's Honest Sweet Potato ChipsI know that potato chips are not Paleo, but lets face it…once and a while you just really want some chips.  M and I have not  been able make anything even close to store-bought potato chips, and making sweet potato chips in the oven just isn’t going to do on days when I am craving a crispy, crunchy, salty snack.

During our weekly grocery trip this past week we  discovered Jackson’s Honest Chips. This company recently launched a Kickstarter and was able to reach their goal in just one month. To show their commitment to producing products that contain only organic and non-GMO ingredients, they will slowly develop new flavors, at this time they only have 3. The great thing about Jackson’s Honest Chips is that their products have 3 ingredients: Organic Potatoes, Coconut Oil and Salt. I don’t worry too much about eating white potatoes now and then, but for those of you who do, Jackson’s has you covered. They also have sweet potato chips which has only 3 ingredients: Organic Sweet Potatoes, Coconut Oil and Salt.

Currently, Jackson’s Honest Chips can been found at all Natural Grocers locations (Vitamin Cottage) and Whole Foods Rocky Mtn. and Pacific NW Region locations. I also found a few online sellers such as Barefoot Provisions and Wise Choice Market.

While the family company making these chips are not calling their chips a Paleo product, much of the resources on their website are from the Paleo/Primal Community and a few well-known Paleo Blogs have given them high praise. To learn more about Jackson’s chips please visit their website or watch the short video below.


until tomorrow



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