Food Truck Friday: The Problems with Soy

Image of Soybean, tofu, and other soy productsThis week I want to discuss the not so healthy health food Soy. Soy, as many of you might be aware has become a vegetarian staple over the past few decades. Before that, it was only part of the human diet in times of extreme food shortages. And before that…it was a form of fertilizer.

So why is this health food so bad for us?

Here is a quick run down:

Estrogen Mimic. It makes estrogen in our bodies (not matter what sex you are). Know this is not good for any of us. However, this is particularly problematic for young girls and pregnant women.

Thyroid-Suppressing: Basically it prevents the thyroid from getting enough iodine and makes you gain weight, become moody and can make you feel cold all the time. You know the joke that women are cold all the time, well their thyroid might be why. I recently learned that 50% of all women have a nodule growing on their thyroid. By age 60, 50% of all men also have a nodule growing on their thyroid. It is not know what causes most thyroid nodules, but I am starting to wonder if diet is part of this phenomenon since it is so prevalent. If diet is part of the problem, is soy one of the culprits? Check out this from the American Thyroid Association.

Suppresses Protein Absorption: Soy is a source of protein for those who do not want to eat meat, or want to eat less meat. Yet, soy is high in trypsin inhibitors. Trypsin is the enzyme needed to digest protein.

There are a few acceptable means of getting soy into your diet and this is important if you want to eat paleo and vegetarian. All of the way involve eating fermented soy. Fermented soy is products like tempeh, miso, naturally brewed soy sauce, and if you can find it, fermented tofu.

This is the short version of why soy is bad. If you want the run down I would suggest checking out the Mix Wellness post, “The Ugly Truth About Soy“.

until tomorrow


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