Bicycle Repair 101

Image of bicycle repair sign with a bicycle and a wrench underneth the bicycleM and I have signed up for the Bicycle Repair: Park Tool Mechanic 101 class through UNM’s Continuing Education program. Currently, I do most of the bicycle repair, and what I can’t do the bicycle mechanic at the neighborhood bike shop does. It is a good arrangement.

M though that  I might like to take the course to expand my limited knowledge of bicycle maintenance. After encouraging me to take the class she decided to enroll in the class too. After all, she might need to make an emergency repair when she is out on her own.

The course is 3 sessions for $95, plus a material fee of $35. I am guessing the instructor will offer some tools to use and maybe some basic parts? Guess we will find out next week.

Since we both work at UNM, we only have to pay the material fee, making this a really good deal. The class is on Wednesday evenings from 5:00-9:oopm during the month of February. The next few weeks I will be posting about our experiences with the course and if it is worthwhile en devour for those interested in learning more about bicycle repair.

Here is a description of the course for anyone interested in registering for the class (if they still have spaces available) and a link to the catalog :

Bicycle Repair: Park Tool Mechanic 101

This Bicycle Mechanics Course is designed to teach basic skills for the novice and advanced cyclist. The Park Tool School Mechanics Program will certify students, upon completion of required course materials. This certificate can be used for knowledge verification in the bicycle mechanic field. Bring your bike to class, any tools you may have and a sack lunch.

Now M and I do not have any aspirations on becoming bicycle mechanics. I am interested in learning more about bicycle repair and the time and place for this class is perfect for our schedules. The continuing education build is on our route home from work, which means no special trips. I would not mind all that much if it was, but I do appreciate it when something is not to far out of my way. Who knows, after we complete this class maybe we will check out the Advanced Bicycle Mechanics class being offered at the Esperanza Community Center.

until tomorrow


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