Problems with Packaged Food: A Primer

Corn-Im-in-Everything3I haven’t posted in a while. For that I apologize. I was at a conference all last week about accessible technology, my day job involves creating alternative textbook formats for college students with different types of print disabilities. Which means an entire week without being able to ride my bike anywhere, and eating Paleo was extremely difficult. I was at the mercy of choosing chain restaurants from the north side of the freeway or the south side of the freeway.

My best bet for eating anything Paleo was the fruit I brought with me for my early morning snack at 6am. With the resent time change sleeping in was rather difficult, so yeah 6 am snack of a pear and a banana every morning.

I am back in town again, and I have to say I am so sick of restaurant food. M and I have been paleo for a little over 3 months now and it has really limited the places we like to go out and eat at. I think we have 4 places we still like. All of them use as much local organic products as possible. This in turn helps us minimize the amount of processed and packaged foods we consume when we choose to eat out. By eating out less we have found another way to limit unintentional consumption of corn. Read a few different food labels and you will understand what I  am talking about when I say corn is in everything (check out the documentary King Corn to learn more).

I feel like we can tell the difference in place that used a lot of processes food versus whole foods. Whereas before paleo, not so much.

Since going paleo I have noticed a few changes for myself, such as I am less congested, have fewer head aches, and although I weigh the same I am leaner. I have had a few people ask me if I have lost weight, not something people usually ask me. I have weighed a buck twenty-five plus or minus 5 lbs since high school and I am sitting at 123 as of today. Not exactly enough weight loss to merit someone asking you if you have lost any weight.

The next two Food Truck Friday’s posts will explore some of the problems with consuming packaged foods. In part one I am going to explore the issues of having corn in so many of our foods and how it has made an impact on me personally. In part two I am going to take a slightly different approach look and at some of the ways packaged foods fit into the average American’s daily life. This will be more about the space it takes up, the time it saves (or does not save). Don’t worry I won’t go too deep into it all, but I will give you a few links so that you can read more if you so wish.

I don’t have any new recipes to post this week, but if you have time try out some of the recipes from Melissa Joulwan’s new book Well Fed 2. You will not be sorry. The link sends you to Melissa’s blog for the PDF version. It is also available as a paperback at Amazon. M has cooked about a dozen recipes from the book so far and they have all been extremely good, in fact the her Cincinnati Chili recipe is awesome. I am having it for lunch today.

In the mean time take a look at the posters below. Just ignore that they used a bell pepper for the vegetable category ( it’s a fruit). It is pretty informative. I find it shocking on how much dairy and how little fish Americans consume. I knew that they were high and low respectively, just not that high and low.

food-circleImage of the Deceptions and Dangers of HFCS Poster

until tomorrow


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