2013 ABQ International Balloon Fiesta Has Come and Gone

2013 ABQ Int'l Balloon Fiesta

Well, the Balloon Fiesta has come and gone. M and I got up a 5:00 am this past Saturday and rode our bikes with our friends C & C to check it out. The sun was not up when we headed out and finally risen up over the mountains just as we got to the park. It was a little brisk this weekend. In fact it was much cooler Saturday than it was for my morning commute to work today. I totally over dressed this morning because I mistakenly based today’s temperatures on Saturday’s. Anyway, the weather was great. The winds cooperated right up until the last few balloons.

The Bike Valet was incredibly popular this year. I would guess that more people rode their bikes to the fiesta this year than last. The Bike corral was packed with bikes. There were a lot last year, but this year the corral seemed like it was busting at the seams with bikes. Which is totally awesome!

We got to see a near mishap on the way to the park. I thought the balloon was going to land in the arroyo for a few moments. The pilot managed to get over the arroyo, barely miss a barbed wire fence, and land in a vacant lot before having to hit the brakes.

Okay the balloons do not really have breaks. The chase crew had not made it to the impromptu landing site yet, so the pilot was opening and closing the flaps on the burner until the balloon slowed down enough and then opened  the parachute valve by pulling the ripline. I am not that familiar with hot air balloons, but i think this type of landing is a rip landing. The balloon deflated in seconds. It is amazing how quickly the balloon went totally flat.

All and all it was a great bike ride and a good time at the park. Here’s looking forward to next year.

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3 thoughts on “2013 ABQ International Balloon Fiesta Has Come and Gone

    • They really are awesome. The pumpkin really helps give them a moistness that you don’t usually find in Paleo pancakes and the sweet potato flour does a great job of getting the texture and density right.


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