Food Truck Friday: Food Truck Throwdown Prep

This Sunday is the Albuquerque food truck throw down.  This Sunday is also the day for M and I  test reintegrating gluten products into our diet.  I hope gluten goes better than when we reintroduced dairy. Dairy is a no go for both of us, but much more so for me than M. The yogurt was fine, but cheese is not my friend. For those who can partake in dairy I recommend trying the grilled Mac and Cheese from the Melting truck.  It’s BBQ pulled pork and fancy mac and cheese on grilled sourdough.

I  have to admit it is going to be difficult to choose which trucks to eat from. But no worries I will prevail.  I want to get some food from some of my favorites, like Talking Fountain Kitchen and Soo Bak.  I also want to try some trucks that I haven’t tried, like Torpedo Dog and Frank’s Famous Chicken & Waffles.  I just need to remember to not go crazy. I will give you all the full run down of the event in next Friday’s food truck post.

LOCATION UPDATE: The event has moved from the Rail Yards to

3901 Masthead NE, near the Journal Center and is happening between the hours of 11-7

until tomorrow

Duke City Food Truck Throwdown Flyer


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