Food Truck Friday: Another Experiment Part 6

Hot Air Balloon Landing on Johnson Field

Fall is just around the corner. photo by fuel

The photo has nothing to do this post, it was just a pleasant surprise as I arrived to work this morning. With just a few days of our Paleo Reset I have to say I am looking forward to the end of all the rules and regulations part of the reset. I am not saying that M and I are going to throw away all the work we have done over the past month. It is just that I am looking forward to feeling like I am choosing to eat healthy instead of I have a mandate to eat healthy. We chose to do this. However, after a while I started to feel a little like I was under doctors orders to eat healthier.

I am thankful for the rules and regulations during this time, because it has helped me see health foods that are not really healthy foods for what they are. For example, this week we celebrated several birthdays at the office I work at by having a breakfast together during our weekly staff meeting. I made sure to eat my breakfast at home before hand. I knew I couldn’t trust that there would  be anything on the “menu” that would be whole30 approved. Noticing in the past the eating habits of co-workers, and the fact they already teased me about how much dessert and junk food I don’t eat,  It surprised me that people brought foods that are traditionally considered healthy. You know, like oatmeal, breakfast casseroles without cheese, and fresh fruit. But many of the usual suspects were there too: pre-packaged Croissant sandwiches, bagels, and several types of desserts ( I did bring them donuts, mainly because I got tired of bring healthy food that no one would eat.) Two people ate some oatmeal, otherwise it went untouched while the donuts and cinnamon rolls…all gone. But who’s going to choose healthy when tasty sweets are available, not many.

In the past I would have considered bagels healthy. That was until I realized how much sugar goes into them. Those blueberry bagels…not a blueberry in them… and has the same amount of sugar as a glazed, jelly or Bavarian cream donut from Dunkin’ Donuts and that was before covering them with jam. After adding the jam that “healthy” bagel is more like a blueberry crumb glazed donut. Frankly, if I am going to eat that much sugar I am going to eat the donut.

After this weekend, M and I will begin to reintroduce some of the non-paleo foods back into our diet. I can not say that I miss any of the off-limits foods categories. What I do miss is particular food combinations. So I don’t miss dairy or grains, but I do really want to have a Reuben for the Talking Fountain Kitchen or Green Chili Cheese Fries from Soo Bak. I think M and I will reintroduce foods, but just to see what foods are particularly troublesome for mus when we end up going off menu for a meal or two down the road.

From M:
I am not excited about re-introducing foods! Mostly because my skin has cleared up, my appetite is adjusting, and my habit-foods are nagging at me less and less. And, I know full well I will always want to over indulge on sweet foods. Having done detoxes before where I “get off sugar” and all the rest, I know too well it doesn’t take long before they’ve snuck back into my life.

I do wonder about being tired still, and nearing the end of the 4 weeks my digestion is still out of whack. I may have to re-consider re-introducing foods until things even out. Yet, it will be good to know what foods may cause negative reactions in/on my body. And knowing those negative reactions makes eating with others easier; people may not understand or care if  “I don’t eat X because it is made with this and that” but they do understand “I don’t eat X because it makes me sick.” Having that kind of knowledge about one’s body is vital to feeling healthy and grounded.

until tomorrow


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