Food Truck Friday: Another Experiment Part 5

Well M and I are rounding the corner to week 4 of our food experiment. I can’t believe we are already nearing the finishing line.

I am still battling the feeling of being extremely hungry in the evenings. I do okay through the day, but the time I get home from work I am ready for dinner, eat until I am full and with in an hour feel ravenously hungry. Not sure what that is about. Maybe I just got used to evening snacks over the summer? What ever it is it is annoying. As for other changes I have noticed since last week is that I have less belly fat and I breathe better. I usually have a stuffy nose by the evening and wake up congested. I usually get a sinus headache several times a week I get so stuffed up. I haven’t had one for the past two weeks.

Another thing I have noticed is how much less trash we produce since doing the reset. I would guess we are producing half the trash we typically produce in a week. Plus, the amount of recyclables is about a quarter of what we usually produce in a week. There is significantly less packaging involved in eating whole and minimally processed food. I wish I had taken pictures of how much we used to recycle every week. I think one of the most economically and environmentally sustainable things one can do it to eat local whole foods whenever possible. The reduction in plastic and cardboard containers for just one household in just one week was so dramatic that it made me realize how much waste we were producing.

From M:

My insistence for my habit foods is lessening in intensity and frequency, and am glad I have been able to take this time to become more aware of my eating habits–especially on days when stress and expectations are high. I am experiencing the digestion issues that typically accompany the Whole30, which just makes me realize how much recovery has to happen from so many years of processed foods and the like.

I still can’t wait until we are finish the reset–1.5 weeks left! While I don’t want to return to old eating habits there are a few local breweries and a local donut shop (Rebel Donuts is the best!) that I would like to re-visit every so often. I plan on re-introducing some foods when the reset is done; if they don’t show up allergic reactions, I know that I will be able to enjoy those foods in lesser quantities but with greater effect. I also think it will be easier to do more regular resets at one or two week intervals when I need this reminder.


until tomorrow


Week 4’s Grocery Haul


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