Food Truck Friday: Another Experiment Pt. 3

It has almost been a week since M and I started our 30 day reset. I have posted her thoughts on the reset as well.

Bowl of beef stew

Today’s Lunch

I was very excited to begin the new experiment, but also a little nervous. I am still excited and no longer nervous. The reason I was nervous was because M’s oldest sister and her soon to be husband did a Whole30 during the last year. The sister, we will call her D, said she had a hard time with the Whole30, while her husband to be, let’s call him G, had no problems at all and felt great the entire time. When M told me this and that she was expecting a similar result (at least that is what my husband ears heard). This expectation combined with the fact that when we did the detox in 2012 I sailed through it while M was miserable, got me feeling a little nervous that I would be the one who had a hard time this time around. Admittedly, I was cold all the time during the detox and I am not cold very often.

The reason I was nervous was in regards to all the vegetables I would be eating. We have been eating a lot of vegetable. As in, the entire refrigerator is overflowing with vegetables. The deli drawer aka the cheese drawer even has vegetables in it. We had to stuff the avocados in the refrigerator door. You know, the place where all the condiments go. After we cleaned out the fridge last Friday and got rid of everything with sugar in it there was a lot of free real estate in the fridge and the food cupboard. I never thought I ate that much sugar until I started looking at the labels. Wholly Moly, no wonder I have started to develop a little pot belly.

So far it has been pretty good. I did have a headache about half way through the first day. Now I just get them when I need to eat. I am assuming that is what it is since they go away after I eat something. I had some sugar withdrawals yesterday. Like I really wanted a doughnut, and that really surprised me considering how little sugar I knowingly eat compared to my co-workers. Makes me wonder just how much junk is really in those supposedly healthy organic pre-packaged foods.

Now from M:

For the reset I am eliminating coffee in addition to going cold turkey on sugar. Currently, getting away from sugar is the most important thing to me. My issues have been a week-long headache and adjusting to when my stomach is hungry versus just confused. Previously I was used to smaller meals with more snacks, which is what has led to my stomach’s confusion. Knowing I’m always going to have issues with emotional eating, breaking patterns of grazing/snacking is a good, but difficult task.

In this first week I also did two-days of travel for field work. I worried how well I could stay on track, but with pre-planning it was quite easy (pre-cooked chicken, boiled eggs, gazpacho, raw fruits ‘n veggies, beef jerky). This pre-planning also insured I wasn’t at the mercy of restaurants and stores that only sold fried and/or prepackaged food, which is what is available in small town America. With this last realization, I am grateful we have the resources to engage in this reset, which includes having access to fresh meat and produce–a choice many don’t have in their daily life.

Well there you have it. M and my first week of eating real food with as little processing as possible.

until tomorrow

Homer Passed out on a file of junk food

What Is Easily Available

Fresh Vegtables

What Should Be Easily Available


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