Food Truck Friday: Another Experiment Pt. 2

In last week’s Food Truck Friday I posted that M and I were going to embark on a new experiment. To try to be Paleo for 30 days to reset the way we currently eat. There is this thing called Whole30 and unbeknownst to us, August is a big Whole30 challenge month. We did not decide to try the paleo for a month thing knowing this. If we did we would have started yesterday with everyone else, we are starting Monday the 5th. To get ready for the experiment we are going to clean out our refrigerator and food cabinet (small apartment, no room for a pantry), Plan out our next two weeks of meals and scrub the kitchen until it shines. You only need to plan a week of meal at a time, however M thought it would be better to plan two weeks at a time so that we can buy meat ahead of time to keep the costs down. We are going to order our red meat from US Wellness Meats. We bought some meat from them a few weeks back and it is some of the best tasting meat we have ever ate. We looked into getting local meat, but Whole Foods has about 4 cuts of beef to choose from that is local and all the ranches that sell grass-fed and finished meat only sell in by the whole cow or lamb. That’s a lot of meat and even if we split it with someone else…our place is way to small for a chest freezer.

Here are the rules to the experiment:

1. No Sugar, Grains, Legumes, Processed Foods, vegetable and seed oils, artificial sweeteners, alcohol, farmed fish or conventionally raised pork (this will be hard for M).

2. In moderation full-fat, grass-fed dairy in the form of Ghee or clarified butter, fruit, and plants from the nightshade family such as peppers, tomatoes, and eggplants (this will me hard for me, I loves me cheeses).

3. Eat Protein, Plants Natural Fat and Water.

So what can you eat on the paleo reset:

Grass-fed Beef, Lamb, Bison, and Goat (not ready to go there).

Pastured Pork, Poultry and Eggs ( there are three farms that sell pastured eggs at the farmer’s market at Robinson park and they cost less than they do at Whole Foods).

Wild-Caught Fish.

Vegetables (we will shop at the farmers market on Saturdays so that we can get as much local in-season produce as possible).

Healthy, Natural Fats such as coconut oil, avocados, olives and olive oil.

Okay, I know what you are thinking. That’s a lot of protein to eat. I would say yes and no. We will be eating more meat during the entire day, so yes. However, we will be eating almost no dairy. I usually eat more dairy than meat in a given day, so no. There is a misconception ( I believed it too) that paleo means you just eat a big ol’ steak wrapped in a pound of bacon everyday. In reality you eat a normal amount of meat and eat more vegetables than most people are accustomed to eating. In fact, you can be paleo and a vegetarian….What did I just say?

Yes, paleo vegetarians. M and I are not vegetarians,  but I thought I would mention it. I was quite surprised when I learned this.

Vegetarians doing a paleo reset need to get their protein from sources other than many of the foods they may have become accustom too. For them they can either eat a ton of eggs or even better, add pastured full fat dairy in the form of yogurt and kefir and organic grass-fed whey (no cheese or milk), legumes as long as it is organic tempeh, edamame and whole beans that are prepared properly ( not sure what that is though). Foods to avoid during the reset are things like TVP, soy protein, fake meat and dairy products (no tofurkey of faken bacon strips) and all grains. Click here if you want to know more.

Each Friday I will update how it is going for us. The good, the bad and the not so pretty.

until tomorrow

man with a dino bone in his mouth


One thought on “Food Truck Friday: Another Experiment Pt. 2

  1. I’d never heard of paleo until Jan this yr and after doing a similar experiment to you I haven’t looked back! My main concern was the sheer amount of meat you get through but I’ve kind of adapted that as I’ve gone along. Although the idea around it is constantly debated (did they really eat this or that etc), the principle makes absolute sense in today’s world. Hope you enjoy yourselves 🙂


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