The Experiment: The Death of an Automobile

M and I have been car-free for over a month now. In that time we noticed an ever-growing oil leak underneath our car. M decided it was time to give up the car. After spending well over 2 grand just two summers ago to get the engine rebuilt I can’t say that I was eager to spend another 2-3 grand to have it rebuilt again. The engine was making the distinct noise of a bent rod hitting one of the cylinders, so a rebuild would have been the only cure.

M wanted to donate the car to an organization, so she and called Casa Esperanza and they came and picked it up. They will take any car in any form of working or not working.They will use the now defunct car to raise funds for the housing they offer to families staying in Albuquerque with a family member undergoes medical treatment. We have had that car for almost 10 years. I thought we would miss it, but we aren’t missing it at all. It has only been a week, so we will see how we feel a month from now.

So what does this mean for the experiment? Well we are going to keep it up, but now the experiment will be about whether we want to buy another vehicle at the end of the summer.

My guess will be no. So far there has not been anything that we wanted to do in Albuquerque that we have not been able to get to by using some form of active transportation. This weekend we went to an Isotopes game (minor league baseball) using the bus to get us there and our bikes to get us home. It was actually easier and less stressful to get home on our bikes than it has ever been with the car. We just got on out bikes, took a side street and were on our way. I imagine before most people even got out of the parking lot we were already a quarter of the way home.Since the ride was downhill it was a quick an easy trip.

What surprised me the most was that other people did the same thing. Not a lot, probably about a dozen people, a dozen awesome people.


until tomorrow


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