The Experiment: 2 bikes, 1 trailer, and 5 bags of groceries

It’s been a few weeks since I posted on M’s and my car-free experiment. I injured my ankle, not sure how, so I had to take it easy on the bike riding. I am going to blame the 35 mile ride I did and not the up, down, up, down the hills ride to and from the grocery store. This week we got back at it and the trip to the grocery store was a total success, minus the frat boy scrub who yelled at me to get out of the road. No technical issues this time, so I am guessing the rear tire skewer is now properly tightened.  We had one more bag in the trailer and a few items in a milk crate that I attached to M’s bike rack.Bike trailer with 5 bags of groceries

The load was much heavier this time around. I could really feel the weight on the hills and as M put it so well, “Good thing you are sick enough to enjoy the challenge of added weight as you climb these hills. She’s right I do love the challenge.

We actually got a lot done this week with out the use of a car.  Besides the grocery shopping, we made a trip to the hardware store to pick up a few items, took the bus to Target, and M was able to use the granny cart we bought last summer to haul the laundry up to the laundry mat. She said, it wasn’t difficult at all. I was a little concerned on how well this was going to work since getting groceries with it and then having to take it on the bus was such an awful experience. So, as far as our car-free experiment is going…so far…not bad at all. This coming weekend we plan on going to a movie night in the park. The movie is the Labyrinth with Davis Bowie, I just hope I can stay awake for the bike ride home. At least it is mostly down hill.

until tomorrow


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