Food Truck Friday: Soo Bak

This week’s food truck sampling was totally unexpected. M and  I wandered over to Marble after the grocery shopping experience. We were planning on getting beer and nachos. When we first left our home I could detect the faint smells of  sweet, bitter, and char grilled meat gently harmonizing in the air. It was a warm Sunday afternoon, so I assumed it was the smell of someones after-church grilling. Imagine my surprise to see not one, but two food trucks  serving lunch.  The first truck was TFK  ( see last weeks FTF) and the second was Soo Bak Korean Seoul food.  Once we got close enough to examine the menu I knew the smells I detected earlier  came from this truck.

Neither of us having ever experiencing Korean food said, “Why not?”   M and I decided to share three dishes so that we could get a better idea of what Korean Seoul food tastes like. We went for the Sang Choo Sam ( lettuce wraps), Dwaeji Bulgagi (spicy pork tacos), and Korean Chile Cheese Fries.

Soo Bak menu

The Sang Choo Sam comes with either beef of marinated mushrooms. We got ours with the beef short ribs and is best described as a sticky sweet spicy dish with dense bbq that pairs well with the lightness of the lettuce. The ball of rice is nice and sticky and covered with small amount of Korean Pepper Paste.

The Dwaeji Bulgagi is intensely spicy with all the freshly cut thick jalapeño rings.  From the creamy sesame oil sour cream sauce to the delicate pork, all for the flavors combine into a well-balanced dish. Although, if you can’t handle the heat I would recommend  removing the jalapeños

korean chili chz fries

I don’t know if chile cheese fries are a part of a typical Korean menu, but they should. Soo Bak’s chile cheese fries are freshly cut and have all the traditional cheese fries topping…chile and cheese. Soo Bak serves their version with what ever the kimchi of the day is. This day is was Nappa Cabbage Kimchi. It made the dish a nice combination of crispy, bitter, smokey, and salty. It was the least spicy of the three dishes. I really enjoyed they way all the flavors worked together. M found the fries a little too salty for her liking. I, however found the salty flavor went well with the  bitter greens. M and I agree that we will definitely eat more of Soo Bak’s offerings.


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