The Experiment: 2 bikes, 1 trailer and 4 bags of groceries

Well,  M and I had our first adventure going to the grocery store with the bikes this weekend. I can’ t say everything went perfect, but it wasn’t as difficult as we thought it would be.  We had one little mechanical “failure”, but honestly that was my fault for not getting the axle cap on tight enough. We didn’t lose any thing and lucky for us it happened on the way there with an empty cart.

the rig

It took me a bit to get every thing hooked up again and I think I might look into getting a non-quick release axle in the future.

As for the return trip home, the hills weren’t all that bad even with a fully loaded trailer. Though it did give my legs a good work out. Turns out it is 3.5 miles from our place to the store, with 3 hills to climb.  So 7 miles round trip plus the shopping in a an hour and a half, not bad in my opinion. I think if we had driven it would have only saved us a measly 15 minutes. When I think about it saved us 15 minutes in the long run because we also got our workout in for the day.

The hardest part was the heat. We of course decided  to start this little experiment on the hottest day of the year, which is about to turn into the hottest week of the year and it’s only mid-June. If this heat keeps up I think we are going to limit our shopping trips to 7 am and 7 pm. We will try it again this week.  Hoping for the best in weather and  no mechanical malfunctions.

until tomorrow.Loaded and ready to go home


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