Food Truck Friday: Talking Fountain Kitchen

My wife and I, let’s call her M, have checked out several of the local food trucks over past couple of weeks. Food trucks are not new to Albuquerque. However, during the last six months or so we found ourselves buried under a pile of books and papers diligently trying to TFK wagonwrap up our academic careers, and it was not until recently that we were able to climb out of that pile and back into the real world. Which means we have not had much time to experience many of the fantastic food trucks that have been around longer than we have been free from our studies.

This week M and I decided to head on over the Marble Brewery and try the Talking Fountain Kitchen Smokehouse (TFK). I went for the Smoked Reuben and M dectfk smoke menuided on the BBQ Brisket. I love the Reuben and I will gauge a place solely on how well they make a Reuben. In fact, if you do not make a good Reuben…I will not be back. All I have to say about this Reuben is…you have not had a Reuben until you have had one with tender smoked Pastrami.

As for the BBQ Brisket, M loved the brisket. This past spring we traveled to Austin, for research, and went to Stubb’s Bar-B-Q twice in the four days that we were there. M’s verdict, TFK is better than Stubb’s. The sauce is sweet and sticky, but not too sweet. I am not a big fan of sweet, but from the one bite M let me have, I became an instant fan of TFK’s sauce.

TFK we will be visiting you again in the near future.

until next friday


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