Why did I decide to start this blog? Honestly…my wife suggested I do this. Which means that I grumbled a lot and then said to her “no way, why would I want to do that?” Then secretly begin to think it was a good idea.

You see, I just defended my Master’s Thesis.  I will spare you all the details and just say that it is about getting people to choose other forms of transportation when there are better options available for them to use. It is not about getting people to give up their cars, just showing them that they have options.

After a year of collecting and synthesizing data and constructing it into a workable project, it seems I need somewhere to release all that information in a less academic place. This is why I choose to start this blog.

Some days I might just write about some of the facts still churning about in my head and other days I might write about and adventure I had while I was out riding my bike. I may, on occasion feel the need to let out some notions I have spinning around in my head that are about food.

So how does food tie into of this? Well two things I get passionate about are food and transportation and no matter what kind of transportation one uses, fuel (food) is necessary to get to where one is going. Whether it is petro or potatoes, consuming some form of fuel must occur to make the trip.

until tomorrow


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